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It all started when...

Grandma Isabelle and Grandma Rose taught Paula Coelho, co-owner and head chef, how to make their legendary fruit and cream pies. Since then, Paula has passed the whisk to her oldest daughter, Paige. Paige has taken over all the baking, while Paula remains in charge of the cooking. 

Owning a bakery is something Paula always dreamt of. Prior to Bella Rose becoming a reality, Paula and her father saw this house located at 1537 Lincoln. She knew she loved the exterior of the house. However, with three small children, it wasn't possible at the time. One decade later, after Paula's father passed, this same exact house came on the market. It was at that time, with the youngest child being in high school, Paula took the chance.

Today, it proves to be a true family business, with every single family member working late nights, early mornings, and special events.